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Cyril Moshkow
jazz researcher, non-fiction / fiction writer




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Cyril Moshkow (photo by Victor Manankov, 2015)

In jazz journalism and jazz research for more than twenty years, Kirill “Cyril” Moshkow (b. 1968, Moscow) is, since 1998, editor and (since 2005) publisher of Jazz.Ru Magazine, Russia's only periodical publication on jazz music.

Cyril Moshkow also taught Music Journalism at the Moscow State University in 2008-2014 and, since 2012, lectured on Jazz History at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow.

Moshkow authored and co-authored several books in Russian:
Jazz Industry in America
(2008, second edition 2013, under the title Jazz Industry in America, 21st Century,)
The Jazz Greats
(2009, enhanced re-edition 2012,)
Blues. Introduction to the History
(2010, re-edition 2014)
and Russian Jazz (2013)

In English, Moshkow contributed a chapter on Jazz in Eastern Europe for Pearson’s Discover Jazz (ed. by John E. Hasse, 2012) and an extensive chapter on the history of jazz in Russia for Equinox' The History of European Jazz – The Music, Musicians and Audience in Context (ed. by Francesco Martinelli, 2017.)

Cyril Moshkow delivering a speech on Russian jazz scene at the Trondheim Jazzfest (Norway,) 2016

As a researcher, Moshkow participated in jazz history / jazz musicology conferences at the University of Idaho (2005 and 2007,) Columbia University (New York City, 2007,) Amsterdam Conservatory (Netherlands, 2014,) Ningbo University (PR China, 2015,) University of Niigata (Japan, 2016,) Arrigo Polillo National Center for Jazz Studies (Siena, Italy, 2017,) and gave lectures on the history and sociology of Russian jazz at Princeton University, the Library of the Congress, New School University, New York University (U.S.), Music Finland (Helsinki,) Sergei Kuriokhin Society (Tokyo, Japan,) Trondheim Jazzfest (Norway,) Siena Jazz Workshop (Italy, 2016,) Rostov Conservatory, Voronezh State University, Krasnodar University for the Arts, Krasnoyarsk University (Russia,) and Kyrgyzstan National Conservatory in Bishkek, where Cyril co-chaired the first-ever jazz musicology / jazz history conference in Central Asia in 2016.

Since 2014, Moshkow also serves as board member and Research Director at the Jazz Research Center in Yaroslavl, Russia.

At the first-ever Jazz Musicology conference in the People's Republic of China, 2015

Latest papers presented by Cyril Moshkow at jazz conferences included:

2017. THE 1960s MOSCOW JAZZ FESTIVALS. The Axial Age of Russian Jazz

2017. Jazz In Russia: 95 Years Of History, And Counting—The Crucial Role Of Jazz Education In The Survival Of Russian Jazz Scene

2016. Trumpeter Andrei Tovmasyan: American Jazz, Russian Way

2016. On the Crossroads: Jazz from the East, 21st Century

2015. Between Local and Global: Incorporating Regional Musical Traditions Into Jazz Idiom

2015. Jazz Journalism in Russia: From Underground To Reservation In Sixty Years


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